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Kangamiut Group Ethics

Environment & Social Responsibility:
What we do

In close collaboration with our sister companies across the Kangamiut Group, we work actively to reduce our environmental and climate impact and to improve working conditions everywhere we operate.

Traceability is key to responsible sourcing of fish & seafood

Product traceability is a critical tool to ensure food safety and accurate labeling, and to prevent Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing. 

Detailed procedures, which include unique batch systems for all items, coupled with effective IT-systems, guarantee full traceability on all our products.


The Kangamiut Group whistleblower reporting system

As part of the Kangamiut Group, in Kangamiut Seafood we strive for an open corporate culture where everyone can come forward freely and report any suspected irregularities or illegalities. 


As a supplement thereto, the Kangamiut Group has chosen to set up a whistleblower scheme where all employees anonymously can report violations or omissions in relation to legislation as well as other serious and sensitive matters.